Tap Takeover

Ale Asylum Tap Takeover

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Ale Asylum was founded in 2006 by Otto Dilba & Dean Coffey, who had both been employed at the now de-funked Angelic Brewery. Starting in a 10,000 square foot facility, they began brewing 13 barrel batches at a time. Jump to today, they now occupy a 45,000 square foot space and produce over 15,000 barrels a year. They are available throughout the state of Wisconsin and a couple years ago even ventured across the border to Illinois. Ale Asylum was one of the area’s first breweries and we’re honored to have them here tonight. Cheers!
Hopalicious – American Pale Ale – 5.7% ABV (Pairs well w/ Seasonal Pasta Bake)
If you’ve never heard of this beer, you must not be from around here. Hopalicious is Ale Asylum’s flagship brew that makes up over 60% of their beer sales. The recipe was worked on for over a decade, and hasn’t changed. Jam packed full of Cascade hops that are added 11 separate times during the brewing process, this beer is full of citrus aroma and a pronounced hop flavor without that bitterness. It’s a crisp, medium bodied beer that has stood the test of time.
Ambergeddon – Amber Ale – 6.7% ABV (Pairs well w/ Blue Cheese Burger)
Unlike your typical red ale that relies heavily on the malt build, Ambergeddon has got a hoppy surprise waiting for you. Labeled a “West Coast Amber”, this ale has got the hoppiness you crave balanced with the malt you desire. It has a “very good” rating on Beer Advocate and has grown to be one of Ale Asylum’s flagship beers. It’s an amber that any beer lover can get behind.
Bedlam – Belgian IPA – 7.4% ABV (Pairs well w/ Craftsman Cheese Plate)
Bedlam means “a scene of uproar and confusion”. Within 2 years of its debut, this beer quickly became Ale Asylum’s number one seasonal. Year after year this beer doesn’t fail to impress. Brewed like an American IPA and topped off with Belgian yeast, this style of beer has become the latest trend. Bedlam is delicious and unique, and there’s no reason to be confused about that.
Velveteen Habit – India Pale Ale – 7.5% ABV (Pairs well w/ Caribbean Chicken Wrap)
It had been 5 years since Ale Asylum decided to make a new India Pale Ale. When they released this one it hit the ground running and couldn’t stay on the shelves or tap lines long enough. Unlike their usual single-hopped beers, Velveteen is brewed with both Citra & Cascade hops. Inspired by and named for the beloved children’s book the Velveteen Rabbit, this beer is to remind you to savor things in life that are most enjoyable.
Pantheon – Imperial Brown Ale – 8.2% ABV (Pairs well w/ Nick’s Meatloaf)
Introduced in 2014, this malt forward brown ale helps balance Ale Asylum’s beer portfolio when compared their other hoppy selections. Made with seven different types of malts, Pantheon is a big bold beer for the true malt lover. Full of caramel aroma and flavor and coming in at 8.2% ABV, it will leave a lasting impression with any beer connoisseur.

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