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Dogfish Head Tap Takeover

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Dogfish Head Brewery
Sam Calagione founded Dogfish Head Brewery (Milton, Delaware) in 1995. At this time they were the smallest commercial brewery in America but now Dogfish Head currently distributes over 225,000 barrels a year. They are known for using unconventional ingredients to produce extreme beers, unique beers and sometimes ancient beers. They’ve been back in Wisconsin since 2013 and we’re excited to feature seven of their beers. Cheers!
Festina Peche – Berliner Weisse – 4.5% ABV (Pairs well w/ Pear & Walnut Salad with Grilled Chicken)
In 16th Century northern Germany a beer style was born called the Berliner Weisse. In its heyday over 70 breweries made this style of beer in Berlin alone; now only two. Traditionally served with a side of syrup to cut down the sour profile, Dogfish have brewed this with Peach instead. It’s a light body brew that’s perfect for summer. Prost!
Namaste – Witbier – 4.8% ABV (Pairs well w/ Craftsman Cheese Plate)
This traditional Belgian style beer is brewed with dried organic orange slices, fresh-cut lemongrass and coriander. It’s unfiltered, citrusy and highly drinkable. Namaste means “I bow to the divine in you.” So sit back and enjoy this beer as it whispers “Namaste”.
60 Minute – India Pale Ale – 6.0% ABV (Pairs well w/ Grilled Salmon)
To produce this “east coast” IPA, Dogfish adds 60 hop additions throughout the 60 minute boil. The malt backbone is equally balanced with the hops to produce one of their most popular beers. Citrusy in flavor and aroma it has a 91 rating on Beer Advocate. Still relatively new to Wisconsin draft lines, it’s a sessionable beer you can enjoy.
Flesh & Blood – Citrus IPA – 7.5% (Pairs well w/ Poblano Sweet Corn Salad)
Brewed with real citrus, this fruit nuanced IPA is one of Dogfish Head’s newest creations. It’s made with lemon flesh, blood orange juice, lemon & orange peel and topped off with 3 kinds of hops (including a rare experimental strain). This beer has been a hit this summer. Refreshing and thirst quenching you’ll want to grab this limited brew while you can.
Biere de Provence – Saison – 8.3% ABV (Pairs well w/ Spinach & Chickpea Stew)
Saison is French for “season”, since this style of beer was traditionally brewed in the colder months to be ready to drink in the warmer months. Dogfish labels this limited release beer as a “culinary ingredient-infused beer”. It’s fruity and spicy in both flavor and aroma; you can shut your eyes and be whisked away to the fields of Provence. A votre santé!
90 Minute – Imperial IPA – 9.0% ABV (Pairs well w/ Grilled Heritage Pork Chop)
Dogfish set the bar for all other craft breweries around the US with this beer. Born in 2001, it was the first ever continuously hopped IPA. By adding the hops throughout the 90 minute boil, the flavor comes forward with more complexity and subtlety. With a 94 rating on Beer Advocate, you can see why it’s one of the brewery’s most iconic beers.
Palo Santo Marron – Brown Ale – 12% ABV (Pairs well w/ 6oz Beef Tenderloin)
This unique brown ale is aged in 10,000 gallon wooden brewing vessels made from Paraguayan Palo Santo wood (a mystical tree that grows in South America). Made first in 2006, it’s proven to be a highly sought after beer a decade later. Roasty, malty and unfiltered, it’s a big beer that may or may not contain sacred healing benefits from the wood.