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Lake Louie Tap Takeover

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Lake Louie 6/22 Tap Takeover
As the legend goes, Tommy Porter quit his engineering job and founded Lake Louie in 2000. Brewing beer out of a shed and just starting with a 3 barrel system, Lake Louie has come a long way since then. The beer is still brewed on Porter’s property in Arena, Wisconsin just a short walk down his driveway, but now they produce over 4,000 barrels a year. Lake Louie has always been on the forefront of the Wisconsin craft beer scene, and they always find ways to make beers that appeal to the consumer and help the brewery advance with the times. Tonight we have some oldies and some newbies to showcase Lake Louie’s ever evolving beer catalog.

Golden Booty (Cream Ale) 4.8% ABV Pairs well w/ Poblano Sweet Corn Salad
Lake Louie has made this “pre-prohibition” beer with only ingredients, including Wisconsin hops that existed back during that time. The creaminess is brought on by flaked corn used during the brewing process which gives it a nice clean finish. Golden Booty is a full-bodied brew that’s low in ABV so you can sit back and enjoy a few of these.

Prairie Moon Farmhouse Ale (Witbier) 5.5% ABV Pairs well w/ Moules Frites
When Lake Louie first opened, this witbier was one of their originals. At the time there weren’t many craft breweries making this style, and with the rise of Blue Moon this beer was discontinued 9 years ago. Fortunately there has been a resurgence and high demand for this style so Lake Louie has brought it back as their “new” seasonal. It’s brewed in the true Belgian style with wheat, coriander and orange peel, making it the perfect summer beer.

Tommy’s Porter (Porter) 6.4% ABV Pairs well w/ 6oz Beef Tenderloin
This full-bodied beer is brewed as an English porter but has been “Wisconsinized” to make it less bitter and balanced. This malt forward beer is creamy and drinkable with a coffee like finish. The namesake for Lake Louie’s founder, it is always a crowd pleaser. It has a 91 rating on Ratebeer and is the perfect example of what a robust porter should be.

Bunny Green Toe (India Pale Ale) 6.8% ABV Pairs well w/ Blue Cheese Burger
Lake Louie has made IPAs before, but when this beer made its debut in 2014 it was hard to keep on the shelves. It’s packed with 3 types of hops which give it a huge earthy aroma. Balanced with pronounced citrus flavor and plenty of bitterness this beer registers at 60 IBUs. It’s the perfect beer made to appease any hop lover.

Warped Speed (Scotch Ale) 6.9% ABV Pairs well w/ Grilled Heritage Pork Chop
Warped Speed is one of the beers Lake Louie has become known for. It’s a full bodied beer with a strong malt aroma and flavor that’s balanced with bitter coffee notes. A big beer with a sweet smooth finish, it is dangerously drinkable. Rated at 90 on Beer Advocate, you can see why this one is always around.

The Twins (Maibock) 8% ABV Pairs well w/ Banh Mi Pork
This beer made its highly anticipated debut last year to much acclaim. The Twins refers to the Gemini Zodiac sign which falls between May 21 & June 21. This is also traditionally the time a Maibock is released. Full of bready biscuit flavors and balanced with subtle hoppy bitterness, it’s the perfect beer to welcome spring.

Brother Tim’s Triple (Belgian Tripel) 9% ABV Pairs well w/ Shrimp Po’ Boy
The last time Lake Louie made this beer was in 2009 so this year it came back with a vengeance. Unlike a traditional Belgian tripel, this beer is brewed with all malt and no candied sugar. But don’t be fooled because it will go down like candy. Made with the same yeast used in Prairie Moon, you’ve got a strong beer with a clean finish. Drink this one while you can because it won’t last long.